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Deliver Us From Evil

Dresden Files – Deliver Us From Evil

It doesn’t take long for Reg to decide that investigating the altar room just isn’t for him. He heads upstairs to see what he can find up above, leaving Benny, Rebekka, and Jacob to plan an ambush for anyone who is unfortunate enough to wander into this forsaken area. As Reg leaves the room, the secret door closes with a disquieting “THUNK.”

After spending time in the restrooms waiting for mass to end, Reg chats up a church lady in the kitchen. Posing as a new member of the church, he volunteers to help out, allowing him to keep watch over the pantry’s secret entry unmolested. As nobody shows up, Reg gets to prove his volunteer mettle, spending hours in the kitchen cleaning up, mopping the floors, and then scrubbing and tidying the bathrooms.

While Reg channels his inner maid, Benny decides to examine the room even closer. Walking around the pentagram, he is surprised to discover yet another circle, or, at least, the remains of one, dug into the dirt floor next to the pentagram. However, as amazing and important as this discovery may be, it is of little consequence to Jacob, who is feeling extremely bored and cooped up. As much as Benny would like to do a thorough investigation of this circle, he sees Jacob opening the door and heading upstairs. Knowing that having Jacob nearby in case of trouble will be important, Benny enacts a ritual that will allow him to call Jacob to the altar room in the event of trouble.

Jacob discovers Reg in the sanctuary pretending to pray. Being as inconspicuous as he can, Jacob talks Reg into coming up to the offices with him to try to find the missing spoon. Knowing that such a success would definitely impress Rebekka, Reg goes along. The investigators first check out the office of Fr. Mulligan, who is not in. The room is a wreck, with papers all over the desk.

“Reg, take a look at these papers, I’m going to the next office.” says Jacob.

“I’m not your fucking servant,” Reg eloquently replies.

The two decide to skip Father Bathurst’s office, as the door is closed and they can hear that someone is inside. In addition, Father Shaunty’s office is closed as well, and he is clearly in a meeting with a member of the church.

Clearly at an impasse, our investigators wonder what to do— for approximately two seconds. Not one to wait, or apparently, to knock, Jacob simply opens the door and walks into Fr. Bathurst’s office. Clearly surprised but not terribly put off by the intrusion, Father Bathurst, a nicer man than his media persona would lead one to believe, spends time welcoming new member Reg to Saint Louis Cathedral. The new fast friends finish their conversation, and Reg and Jacob depart, leaving Father Bathurst amused and confused.

Back in Father Mulligan’s office, Jacob does a more thorough search, and is tremendously successful. At the back of a bottom file drawer of the priest’s desk, he discovers the missing running shoes, and the missing spoon as well as a ring, a woven bracelet, and a toothbrush. Reg and Jacob, emboldened by their discovery, rush out of the cathedral. Reg heads back to the altar room as Jacob rushes the newfound items to the car.

Running into the altar room, Reg explains the situation to Rebekka and Benny, handing Benny a priest’s stole that he grabbed from Fr. Mulligan’s office. As the three are about to leave, Benny feels a tremendous surge of energy from the pentagram, and it starts to glow. He and Rebekka immediately tear Jacob’s enchanted handkerchief, alerting him to the emergency, as a wicked looking creature shimmers to life and unfolds its black, leathery wings in the pentagram.

The creature quickly resolves itself into a MUCH more pleasant form, veiling itself in an angelic flesh mask, but it is too late. Reg recognizes the creature as The Demon Keeper from his extensive research. As the creature’s eyes focus on the investigators, it makes them an offer, “Break the circle. Release me, and we will do battle. Defeat me in combat and I will leave, to bother this place no more.” But the investigators aren’t buying it. Reg, Rebekka, and Benny all know better than to break the circle, potentially freeing the creature to do whatever it wants.

Jacob rushes down the hall just in time to see a robed figure disappear down the trap door in the pantry. Jacob jumps through the door and hits the floor in the basement just as Father Bathurst appears in the altar room, holding a large cloth bag. Benny, never terrible comfortable with quick-and-dirty evocation, nonetheless reacts quickly and slams Bathurst to the floor, increasing his gravity tenfold. But as he does so, the Demon points at Jacob and says, “Little shifter… you are out of your league. Run from this place before I tear you limb from limb,” and Jacob screams, as a fear so intense that it makes his ears bleed tears through his mind.

In all the chaos, Rebekka keeps her head and grabs the bag out of Bathurst’s hand, feeling the missing glasses inside, among other items. As she does so, Reg dives on top of Fr. Bathurst, keeping him down and knocking him out of the altar room. Jacob, regaining his senses, manages an arm lock on Bathurst, who repays his kindness with an impromptu blast of fire.

Benny tells everyone that it’s time to get out, and he heads for the ladder. Rebekka begins to turn as well, just as the demon points at her and says, “Yes… run little one. Is that the best that you and your pissant god have to offer?” It is at that point that Rebekka realizes that she Must Destroy the Spawn of Satan. Yet somehow, defying all logic, or maybe succumbing to it, Rebekka shakes the feeling off, and retreats through the door slamming it shut on the demon’s enraged screams and taunts. The group ties up Bathurst and knocks him out just as Benny feels another surge of energy that is followed by silence.

When they open the door, the demon is gone.



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