Voodoo Blues - A Dresden Files RPG

Going, Going, Gone!

Dresden Files – Going, Going, Gone!

Defeating Father Bathurst and the evil demon that was controlling him left our heroes, particularly Rebekka, with some wounds to lick. A little downtime is always welcome.

Unfortunately, the White Council has other plans.

Ethan Idris contacts the group through Reg and lets them know that the council requests a favor of them. A tome of dark magic is about to be sold at auction, and it needs to be recovered, so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of someone… irresponsible.

Reg decides to call on Benny and Rebekka, but because this is a black-tie affair, he determines that maybe Jacob should sit this one out.

Arriving at the auction, the heroes pick up an auction card and begin to peruse the items on sale. In very little time, they manage to find the tome, as well as the potential buyers hovering around it. The owner of the book is present, so Reg discusses the price with him. As it turns out, he is hoping to get $400-$500 for the book, which is well within the range of what Reg has with him.

Using The Sight, Benny determines that some of the other onlookers happen to be members of the supernatural community as well. There is clearly a sorcerer or wizard, with a ghoul companion. In addition, there’s a minor talent, and a gentleman that the group presumes to be a shapeshifter.

Before long, Rebekka gets herself worked up. Going against her typical nature, she decides that the sorcerer and the ghoul are too much of a risk with all the people around, and that the heroes should act first. She talks Reg into starting a small fire in the bathroom, to get people out of the building. Reg excuses himself and heads to the downstairs bathroom, where he lights a roll of toilet paper on fire. This gives him just enough time to return to the group before the alarms and sprinklers go off.

As soon as the sprinklers go off, the crowds make for the exit. The owner of the tome begins to pack up, and all of the onlookers move toward him. As soon as the room is relatively clear, Rebekka, always a glutton for punishment, jumps the ghoul.

Rebekka wounds the ghoul, but it goes into a frenzy and begins tearing at her. Benny tries to disable the sorcerer, while the sorcerer hurls a vicious looking spell at Rebekka, just barely missing her.

In the chaos, Reg begins hastily pushing the tome’s owner (and the tome) toward the exit. They manage to get downstairs and away from the immediate brawl.

The ghoul tears into Rebekka, rending her and leaving her holding in her guts. As it does so, the sorcerer backs toward the window, drawing energy around himself. Amidst the chaos, the ghoul and the sorcerer leap out the window.

Downstairs, Reg discovers a side door that everyone else has missed. Unfortunately, when he opens it, a sorcerer and ghoul crash down to the ground next to it in the alley it leads to. Cursing, Reg pulls a grenade from his pocket, rips the pin out with his teeth, hurls it through the door, and slams the door shut. As he’s backing away, the blast throws him and the tome’s owner across the room, leaving a huge hole on in the wall to the alley where the door used to be. On the other side? Zombies, six of them, swaying back and forth to a repetitive thumping bass.

The zombies charge, and Reg fires his gun. He knows he doesn’t score a hit, but nonetheless, one zombie at the back of the group falls. There’s no time to contemplate this, as the rest keep coming, so Reg drags the tome’s owner back up the stairs. On the way up, he meets Benny and Rebekka coming down. The group manages to push a HUGE vase down the stairs, trapping the zombies against the bannister.

Before fleeing the scene, Reg pulls $500 from his wallet and stuffs it in the pocket of the now unconscious owner of the tome, and takes the book. As he does so, he feels a vicious slash at his heels. A giant panther has appeared from nowhere, and taken a swipe at his legs. Luckily, Reg is not hurt, and Benny’s quick thinking gives him time to throw a barrier in front of the doorway, allowing the heroes to escape the panther, skirt the zombies, and make a run for Reg’s car.

A hero’s job is a thankless one, and few jobs are as thankless as dealing with the White Council. The Council takes the tome, and offers what little healing and compensation the ancient members are willing to dish out.

But something’s still not right in Reg’s world. Somehow, he knows that something went tragically wrong that night. Late at night he lays in bed staring at the ceiling, wondering just what happened to that sorcerer.

The late nights turn into long days, but sleep deprivation turns to genius. It’s not long before Reg remembers that he saw a security camera at the end of the alley. It takes hours, but eventually he manages to tap into the footage.

Watch… re-watch… Zoom. Watch… re-watch… Zoom. Over and over, he studies the same footage. The sorcerer stands up, looks at his feet, and then everything flashes white and goes to static. But there’s something there. He just knows it. Hundreds of times he watches it.

Then Reg zooms in on the face. There it is, just before the explosion. The lips move. Reg slows it down. There it is:

“Your impulsiveness will be your doom!”

Oh God.

“Your impulsiveness will be your DOOM.”



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