Voodoo Blues - A Dresden Files RPG

The Lion's Den

Dresden Files – The Lion’s Den

Starting off at Rebekka’s apartment, the group begins to look at what they know. As it turns out, Reg discovers a significant clue while searching his vast internet database of information. Apparently prior to her murder, the artist reported a break-in at her home. Witnesses described a skinny black male with a white mohawk leaving the scene of the crime in a silver Cadillac.

Cross referencing this information, Reg is able to determine that this man has been seen at a number of other reported unusual break-ins. Vanessa Cerini, Mark Bruner, Jess Oberland, and Kria Baldesh were all victims of thefts by this unusual suspect.

Immediately after discovering this information, the group heads to Curios of the Third Eye to see if there is a connection. As it turns out, Linda Kronsage recognizes all of the names. They’re all regular customers at the shop. However, when Linda goes to get her ledger in order to give them more information, she discovers that her ledger is missing. It is at this point that she explains that she, too, was the victim of a break-in many weeks ago, but that it appeared (until now) that nothing had been stolen. Luckily, for no explainable reason, Linda made an additional copy of her ledger shortly before it was stolen. The group is curious about this, but also happy that Linda is able to give them all the information they need in order to track down the clients. Before everyone leaves, Rebekka asks Linda to call all of her regular clients to warn them of potential danger. Confused and scared, Linda agrees to do so.

The first person on the list is Jess Oberland, so Jess gets the first visit. Unwilling to invite the group into her home, she nonetheless allows them to let themselves in. As it turns out, Jess is missing a single spoon, from a massive spoon collection. After explaining the circumstances as they know them, Rebekka, Reg, Benny, and Jacob are able to convince Jess to lend them her collection. Reg compensates her for her assistance, and, it would appear, the chase is on.

At this point, the group decides it is in their best interest to split up. Benny and Jacob get to work on some divination with the spoons as a focus. According to Benny, if they’re lucky, they may be able to use the rest of the collection to find their way to the stolen spoon. As they begin this long thaumaturgical process, Reg and Rebekka go to see Vanessa Cerini, but, unfortunately Vanessa is unable to provide any useful information. Even though she’s aware of the risk of someone with ill intent having a personal item like her glasses, there is little she knows and even less she can do.

Benny and Jacob continue their difficult work while Reg and Rebekka pay a visit to Mark Bruner. Again, other than telling them that he is missing his running shoes, and that he’s worried for his family, Mark is of little help. Mark begs the two to stay and protect his family, going so far as to offer them significant compensation, but much as Rebekka wishes she could take such direct action to help one in need, she agrees with Reg that they can be of more help to more people by actively working on this case.

Shortly after Reg and Rebekka visit Mark, Benny successfully completes his spell. Placing a bowl of water on top of the stack of collector spoon holders, he places one spoon in the center to act as a compass needle. Drawing in his will and pushing it through his makeshift compass, he is able to get a bearing on the missing spoon. Jacob calls Reg and Rebekka and tells them to get a move on, as the spell is working. Unfortunately, he fails to tell them that he and Benny are heading out before he gets put on hold when Reg gets another call. Impatient as he is, Jacob simply hangs up the phone and gets back to work.

Though Rebekka is unenthusiastic about taking another call in the middle of such important business, it’s lucky that she bothers. The caller is none other than Lita Kwan, a warden responsible for New Orleans. Lita makes it clear that she’s aware of the investigation the characters are participating in, and has received calls from concerned people in the magical community. She insists on meeting IMMEDIATELY. Though Reg and Rebekka realize how beneficial it would be to have a warden’s help, they also don’t think they have time for a meeting and status update with Kwan; with regret Rebekka declines, and Lita Kwan makes it clear that this was a poor decision to make. Rebekka and Reg know there will be serious fallout.

Eventually, Rebekka and Reg cruise long enough in Benny’s stylish ‘85 Chevy Lumina to find their companions walking strangely down the sidewalk following the Will o’ the Spoons. After following the “compass” for nearly 30 minutes, the group ends up at Saint Louis Cathedral. As they enter the cathedral, the characters see that mass is in session, and Father Bathurst is at the pulpit. The group decides to take advantage of the quiet in the rest of the church in order to see where the compass leads.

While exploring the church, Rebekka, Reg, Benny and Jacob come across an old janitor who seems happy to see young people enjoying the church’s beauty. He seems skeptical of the new “fire and brimstone” style sermons of Father Bathurst. After hearing about the group’s interest in the church’s history and exciting secrets, the janitor tells them about the “Old Church”: the original St. Louis Church built on the same grounds LONG before even he was born. That old ramshackle building sunk into the swamp long ago, and the current St. Louis Cathedral was built on top of it. The janitor tells them that if they want to take a look, they can find an entry to part of the “old church” in the pantry at the back of the cathedral’s kitchen.

Of course, our heroes feel the need to see the “old church,” and, not surprisingly, the spoon/compass seems to think it’s a good idea, too. Benny finds an old camping lantern at the base of the pantry, and the group heads down the rickety stairs into the “old church.”

It doesn’t take Jacob long to discover that someone else has been here recently. There are fresh tracks in the dirt, which lead to a brick that is clearly a secret switch. After finding three more trigger bricks, the group finds a hidden door that has been released in the south wall. On the other side is a grizzly scene. An old wooden crucifix hangs on the wall stained with water damage and trailing blood-red paint from the eyes. The paint leads down the body of the savior, across the floor, and expands to a pentagram in the middle of the musty chamber. It doesn’t take much searching for the group to discover the broken handle of a chef’s knife. Content Not Found: xx-john-skarn-xx-deceased knife was here.

It seems our heroes have found themselves in the lion’s den. Will they be delivered as was Daniel? Or will the Lord cast them down in his own house?



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