Voodoo Blues - A Dresden Files RPG

The Kingdom

Dresden Files – The Kingdom

After tying up Father Bathurst and gently shaking him awake, the group decides to question him. It doesn’t take much questioning to determine that Bathurst sees himself as a servant of God, delivering the Lord’s justice.

Drawing on his ancient Voodoo powers, Benny pulls a veil over the good Father so that he can be “escorted” from the church. But when they head upstairs, the group has a surprise waiting for them. It appears that Jacob’s mad dash through the halls of the church attracted the attention of onlookers who recognized the fugitive, as the kitchen is now crawling with cops.

Everyone retreats to the pentagram chamber, and, when an officer starts coming down the ladder, Jacob pulls the secret door closed. It is only after hours of waiting (until 3:00 a.m. in fact) that they are confident enough to emerge again.

As the miscreants head for the side door under the cover of darkness, they’re simply not quiet enough. From the priests’ offices they hear a, “Hello? Hello? Who is down there?” Thinking quickly, Reg grabs a live-trap from along the wall and tears it open, scattering the mice up the stairs. Seeing his opportunity, Father Bathurst starts to struggle, but the gag prevents him from making any headway, and the group emerges into the parking lot

…to discover that their car is gone, and with it, everything Jacob put in the trunk.

After a quick phone call, Rebekka convinces Linda Kronsage (who, honestly, does owe them a favor or two) to pick the group up. Linda is a bit concerned when she sees the bound and gagged man she’s expected to transport, but luckily Linda is meek and easily intimidated.

As the group discusses what to do next Linda is listening, but she only interjects when they realize they don’t know Warden Kwan’s phone number. As it turns out, access to the White Council switchboard is not nearly as exclusive as it would seem, and Linda is able to help them out with a contact number.

It takes our heroes some time to decide not to kill Father Bathurst outright. Indeed, some exciting ideas such as, “throwing him into the Nevernever” are tossed about. In the end, though, Rebekka convinces the group that such a decision is not theirs to make, and a call is placed to Warden Kwan.

After a tense three hours, the warden arrives and takes control of Bathurst. In addition, she takes two gold rings that were in the bag that Rebekka confiscated from him. It would seem that the problem is solved.

…but, then again, everyone’s still a fugitive.

Two weeks later, Reg, Jacob, Benny and Rebekka come home to find beautifully crafted invitations on their doors inviting them to, “dinner and a soiree” at an exclusive club. At the bottom, in flowing script is written, “Life running you in circles lately? Come find out why.” However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the card is the signature— Marius Raith.



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