Voodoo Blues - A Dresden Files RPG


Dresden Files – Yin-Yang

Is Marius Raith the gentleman he appears to be? Or is he simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Our heroes are picked up at their homes and delivered to the club listed on their invitations. For a Saturday night, the club is surprisingly empty— deserted in fact. This is all explained when the white suited bouncer takes their weapons and locks them in a footlocker by the door, then escorts them inside.

It appears the club has been closed for the night. Apparently, this will be a private soiree.

The group ascends the marble stairway of the old house turned club, and finds an elaborate table set for their arrival. At the head of the table is Marius Raith, favored son of the White Court.

Raith is polite and talkative, but Rebekka and Reg are not. They are interested in nothing but getting down to business. Annoyed, but willing, Marius is willing to dispense with pleasantries. He tosses a manilla folder to the middle of the table. Reg picks it up, and inside he finds arrest warrants for himself, Rebekka, Benny, and Jacob.

“Distressing, no? But I can make all of this go away.” Marius tells them. But, unsurprisingly, such a favor would not come for free. It turns out that the Raith family already has payment in mind. It turns out that a scourge of Black Court vampires has come to town, and they need to be disposed of.

There is no question that such an action could be mutually beneficial, if the heroes could survive it. But what about future ventures? Marius offers removal of one warrant for each task the group completes. That means there will be three more things they have to do.

“In addition,” Benny mentions, “There’s the issue of my family, still locked up. What would we have to do to get them included in this deal, too?”

Raith excuses himself and makes a call. He returns saying, “Your family is free. Consider it an act of good faith.”

Good faith from a member of the White Court is hard to believe. Especially when the Court will keep everyone hanging until all favors are complete. The group can safely refuse any favor, but if they do, the contract is broken and all arrest warrants will be re-instated.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Benny decides to accept. It doesn’t take long for the others to follow.

After a stunningly good dinner, the friends leave, discussing their plans, but as they step out on to the porch to retrieve their items from the footlocker, they find it gone, along with the bouncer. But their attention on this problem is short lived, as they are ambushed by gunmen.

The heroes manage to incapacitate or kill the gunmen, and chase off their vampire leader, but Rebekka is unable to follow him. They are left licking their wounds, with a promise (by phone) from Marius Raith that he will do everything in his power to recover their personal belongings.



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