Reginald Smithson

Librarian with Attitude


High Concept: Librarian with Attitude
Trouble: Keeper of Knowledge
Others: No Stranger to Fights; Tired of the Quiet Life; Selfless When It Matters; Good Ends Might Justify Evil Means; Dismissed by Rebekka; Second Shadow; Cursed (My Impulsiveness Will Be My Doom)

Superb: Scholarship, Resources
Great: Athletics, Guns
Good: Discipline, Endurance
Fair: Alertness, Intimidate
Average: Empathy, Presence, Investigation

It’s not just my job, it’s my life: Use Discipline determine mental-stress track.
Call numbers 130, 131, 133: Use Scholarship to research supernatural topics.
Cloudy library of wonders: Arcane library equal to resources.
I know how to hurt ’em: Gain +2 to Scholarship checks to determine physical weaknesses of supernatural entities.
Supernatural shootings: Gain +1 to attacks with Guns when targeting supernatural entities.

Base refresh level: 10
Adjusted refresh: 5


Pure mortal.

Reginald Smithson

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