Voodoo Blues

New orleans magic debra hurd

It’s a few years after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, a city that used to be a stronghold for the White Court. But things have changed. Both civilian and supernatural leadership are caught in a net of apathy and corruption. The city is on the verge of giving up, and has become a magnet for the supernatural. The White Court still maintains a stranglehold on Bourbon Street, but much of the rest of the city is up for grabs.

In the supernatural world, the White Court is on the way out, and everyone knows it. A power vacuum is ready to be filled. The only constant is Voodoo (the great constant), but whether or not it can be controlled, nobody knows for sure.

In the mundane world, New Orleans is caught up in corruption, crime, and, of course, tourism. It’s business as usual in the bayou.

Voodoo Blues - A Dresden Files RPG

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